About Solvay Korea


For the 45 years since Solvay Korea’s foundation, we have solidified our position as a leading player in chemical materials. We have continued to strengthen our activity portfolio, innovation, and competitiveness to build our reputation as a sustainable and responsible company. In order to reach out to customers, Solvay is implementing a dynamic environmental system to fulfill commitments to multiple stakeholders.

Solvay Korea became the first multinational company to form a university-industry collaboration with a Korean university.  The university-industry collaboration agreement was signed with Ewha Woman's University in 2011, which later on was shown in the form of scholarship support and joint research projects. The Ewha-Solvay Research & Innovation Center, which was built on the Ewha Woman's University campus in 2014, has accommodated both research and administrative personnel.


History of Solvay Korea


  • 1975  Rhodia Silica Korea plant established in Incheon  
  • 1987  Solvay Special Chemicals plant established in Onsan
  • 1999  Established Solvay Chemicals Korea (P&I, EP) plant in Onsan
  • 2011 Solvay acquires Rhodia
  • 2011  Established headquarter GBU Solvay Special in Seoul
  • 2014  Opened Ewha-Solvay R&I Center in Ewha university in Seoul
  • 2016  Established Solvay Silica Korea plant in Gunsan