Approximately 120 students submitted pictures and videos to the “Save the Earth Contest” hosted by Solvay Korea in November 2020, and four students were awarded the Solvay Award, the Solvay-Curie Award, and the Solvay-Faraday Award. 

The video produced for this event, which provides students with an easy overview of sustainability describing it as “activities saving the earth” and introduces Solvay Korea’s sustainable activities, has generated over 2,000 views. All student submissions speaking of the spirit of protecting the planet were deserving of the awards.

In January 2021, Solvay CEO Ilham Kadri was invited via teleconference to the festive online awards ceremony attended by the students, their families, and Solvay Korea employees.

The event instilled the notion of sustainability in students, who are the future of our society. It was not only a great experience for the students, but also a meaningful event that awakened our sustainability and spirit of connecting people, ideas, and elements among employees.


The winners

The 11-year old Rae-Young Kim was apparently inspired by the lemons which I used to make a battery in my own Solvay Citizen Day video… so she imagined a full-blown Solvay lemon power plant. Rae-Young was “fascinated” by the idea that electricity could also be made from apples or potatoes and that the silica in low-energy tires comes from sand.  “When I painted, I thought again about sustainable development, and I see that there are so many ways to save the planet through science,” said this young artist. 

Korean Children drawing 1


Min-Jae Kim, who is 10, integrated darker aspects, because as he says: “in the future, fine dust will be serious and air pollution will become more severe.” So he dreamt of power generators capable of converting fine particles into energy. Who wouldn’t want to dream that dream with him? Turning effluents into resources, thereby effectively eliminating waste: that’s the Holy Grail of the circular economy and we, chemists, can make it come true. 

Korean Children drawing 2


In his adorable drawing, Hyung-Jin Seo (8 years old), imagined trees planted on electric vehicles. He explains: “Where the car goes, the air becomes clean because of the trees. So the flowers and animals smile brightly and people also laugh.” I certainly did! 

Korean Children drawing 3


The first prize went to So-Jung Han, who is 9 years old and confessed she was unaware of the word ‘sustainability’ before watching Solvay’s Citizen Day videos in our Future Innovator’s Library. So it’s only natural that she should flatteringly depict our company as a gentle giant hugging the Earth (where lemon trees make electricity…), with children cheering him on.  “I expressed a ‘thumbs up’ to Solvay for protecting our planet”, she said.

Korean Children drawing 4