2021 Kimchi for the neighbors

"We share you the recent news ongoing in Solvay Korea!"


On a brutally cold winter day, December 17th, a number of employees from the Solvay Seoul site (RIC Seoul) have delivered Kimchi to Bukahyun-dong neighbors living not far from the operational site of Solvay.

The Kimchi sharing activity of Solvay Korea now has been conducted for the fifth year, were voluntary participation of Solvay employees is key to share warm greetings and support for the neighbors living nearby RIC Seoul.

Until year 2019 Solvay employees have actually conducting Kimchi making (Gimjang/김장), but unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic from year 2020 the site is preparing premade Kimchi to be delivered to the neighbors in order to avoid social gathering. All are hoping that the virus would ease down in the near future that Solvay could meet neighbors in person.


For year 2021, 40 boxes of Kimchi were prepared and shared for the Bukahyun-dong neighbors, which 10 boxes were delivered by Solvay employees to neighbors who had hardship to visit the Bukahyun-dong community center.

Though the weather was abnormally cold, the employees hoped that the warm hearts of Solvay was well shared with the neighbors.



As the year 2021 is almost reaching towards the end, Solvay Korea will now prepare for a more caring and exciting 2022 :)